Shenmiren Communications Shenmiren Communications
DC1: Kansas City
DC2: ChinaNet
DC3: Korea
Tianjin, China

Tel: +86.15922133149

Network & Datacenter

shenmiren specializes in offering high volume dedicated servers and DoS/DDoS protection services.

Datacenters: shenmiren has equipment located in the One Wilshire, Telecom Center, and Hope carrier buildings around downtown Los Angeles. The facilites use multiple redundant state of the art power and cooling units to ensure smooth operation. Security is ensured via 24/7 security staff, biometric and keycode scanners, and key access to each suite.

Network: shenmiren utilizes all gigabit and ten-gigabit ethernet equipment to connect to the internet. Carriers include Level 3, Hurricane Electric, Xeex, Tiscali, PCCW, Savvis and Global Crossing. Internal switches are connected via multiple redundant fiber-optic links and all customer servers are connected via 100Mbps or 1Gbps dedicated ports to ensure you never experience lag.

Shenmiren Communications, LLC